Ndeye Diagne

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The Heartbeat of Edmonds Care

Dedication Personified: Beyond the Call of Duty

Meet Ndeye Diagne, a standout Certified Nursing Assistant at Edmonds Care, whose daily grind goes way beyond the usual call of duty. With four years under her belt, Ndeye has become the gold standard for dedication at our facility. Rain or shine, her attendance record is spotless—because let’s face it, not everyone makes it through the rainy Pacific Northwest winters unscathed. Ndeye’s meticulous attention to detail shines through in her point-of-care charting and weight monitoring, ensuring each resident receives tailored care that’s as fine-tuned as a Spotify playlist.

Heart and Heroism: Ndeye Diagne’s Life-Impacting Care

But Ndeye isn’t just about checking off tasks; she’s the heart and soul of Edmonds Care. Her unwavering dedication to our residents’ well-being and her compassionate approach make her not just a caregiver, but a true hero in scrubs. It’s no wonder she’s been submitted as a candidate for the WHCA Excellence Award. This award recognizes the crème de la crème of Washington’s long-term care community, and Ndeye is flying the flag high for us. Through her commitment, Ndeye elevates the quality of life for everyone she touches and embodies the spirit of excellence we cherish at Caldera Care. She’s not just doing a job; she’s enhancing lives, one resident at a time. Bravo, Ndeye, and keep shining your light!

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