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Hearts and Paws:
How Pet Therapy Heroes Transform Lives

Heroes Among Us: The Transformative Power of Pet Therapy

Within the heart of Columbia River Care, a special kind of heroism resides – one that doesn’t wait for the perfect moment, but steps up when it’s needed the most. Heroes aren’t defined by grand gestures; they’re defined by their unwavering commitment, their compassion, and their ability to make a lasting impact. At this Caldera Care facility, our heroes are none other than our dedicated Pet Therapy Volunteers, and their four-legged companions are the unsung healers of our community.

Lead by Robert McKenna and Kipp: A Heroic Visionary

Behind this tapestry of care stands Robert McKenna, a warm soul, deeply connected to both animals and people. As the administrator at Columbia River Care, Robert is more than just a leader; he’s a guiding force that shapes the compassion-infused Pet Therapy program. A Certified Service Dog Trainer, Robert’s influence resonates through every wagging tail and comforting paw print. His unwavering commitment to healing and his innate understanding of the transformative power of animals have led him to pioneer the dog therapy volunteer program at Columbia River Care.

A Hero’s Heart in Every Paw Print

A hero is more than just the actions they take; it’s the empathy they offer and the connections they forge. Our Pet Therapy Volunteers embody this truth every day as they bring the joy and wonder of dogs to our residents. With their hearts open and their paws at the ready, these volunteers and their furry friends create moments of magic that transcend the ordinary.

Healing the Unseen Wounds

For many of our residents, their pets have been treasured companions, offering solace and unconditional love. But when those furry friends are no longer by their side, a void is left behind. Witnessing a resident’s eyes well up with tears as they share stories of their beloved pets with our Therapy Team is a powerful experience. In those moments, trust is formed, vulnerability is embraced, and healing begins.

A Bond Beyond Words

Our Pet Therapy Volunteers provide a listening ear, a wagging tail, and a sense of connection that goes beyond words. These heroes, driven by the knowledge that the loss of a pet can be as profound as losing a family member, step in to mend the unseen and overlooked wounds. Through their dedication, they bring comfort, hope, and healing to those who need it most.

Honoring Heroes

Katie Jones and Maggie, Kim Morrow and Finn, Carrie Morilon and Wyatt – these are the names of heroes who don’t just wear capes; they wear smiles, compassion, and a commitment to making a difference. As these incredible duos prepare for their journeys in Pet Therapy, their stories inspire us all to be heroes in our own right. Their actions remind us that even in the smallest gestures, there lies the potential for profound healing.

A Legacy of Love and Compassion

At Columbia River Care, a facility within the Caldera Care family, our heroes have paws and a heart full of compassion. Through Pet Therapy, they show us that a hero’s impact is measured in wagging tails, shared laughter, and the unbreakable bonds they create. Their dedication, guided by Robert’s vision, fills our community with love, one paw print at a time.

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