Sharina Foster

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Celebrating Excellence:
Sharina Foster’s Impact at North Auburn Rehab Center

In the heart of North Auburn Rehab Center, a shining star named Sharina Foster brings her remarkable talents as the Assistant Director of Nursing (ADON). While her time at North Auburn has been relatively short, spanning only four or five months, Sharina’s impact has been nothing short of transformative.

Sharina’s clinical prowess is exceptional, but it’s her exceptional customer service skills and adept nursing staff management that truly set her apart. In the short time she has been handling staffing and scheduling for the nursing team, the facility has experienced a noticeable improvement in operational efficiency. The once-challenging task of scheduling has become smoother, and the frequency of call-ins and coverage issues has significantly decreased under Sharina’s watchful eye.

Her approach to customer service is nothing less than impressive. Sharina takes the initiative to address issues before they arise, showcasing her innate ability to foresee needs and exceed expectations. Her dedication to ensuring resident satisfaction is unparalleled, and her actions consistently speak louder than words.

Sharina Foster’s presence at North Auburn has brought about a positive transformation. Her commitment, drive, and rapid problem-solving skills have made an indelible mark on the facility. North Auburn is enriched by her contributions, and she has seamlessly become an integral part of the Caldera family.

One of Sharina’s most remarkable attributes is her ability to think outside the box when it comes to customer service recovery. Her innovative approaches ensure that each resident’s unique needs are met with care and creativity, leaving a lasting impact on their experience at North Auburn.

It’s clear that Sharina Foster’s journey is destined for greatness. Her remarkable leadership qualities, dedication, and strategic thinking hint at a future as a Director of Nursing (DNS), where her potential to effect positive change is boundless.

As we celebrate excellence at North Auburn Rehab Center, we wholeheartedly recognize the remarkable impact that Sharina Foster brings to our community. With her in our corner, the future holds a promise of even brighter days ahead.

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